Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?
Our prices are competitive in the market. A consultation for assessment of your teeth will cost $65 with our dentist. Our hygienist will charge $99 for a Scale and Clean appointment for new patients.
Will it hurt?
We will do our best to reduce the amount of pain associated with dental treatment. We can provide relaxation therapy for the very nervous patient, at an additional cost. Our practitioners are highly skilled in making you feel relaxed by explaining what is involved at each step of your procedure. Relaxing music or watching a movie can put you at ease to take your mind off the treatment at hand and you can let us take care of you.
Can I pay it off?
We offer DentiCare finance and GE finance to our patients. Discuss your eligibility and arrange an application with the help of our treatment plan coordinator. Three to twelve months interest free periods can be offered for extensive treatment plans to take the stress out of your financial planning.
Fillings vs. Crowns
Fillings are direct restorations that are made of composite resin material bonded to your natural tooth structure. These are mainly adequate if a healthy amount of sound tooth structure is still left. If the tooth has been broken down, decayed and only a small amount of structure is left than a porcelain crown or cap may be needed. These are made in a laboratory and then cemented onto your remaining tooth. They are very strong and with good oral hygiene will be a very long lasting solution. Your dentist will discuss the best option to protect and restore your tooth.
Implants vs. Bridge
If you are missing teeth or need teeth extracted, your dentist at Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre will discuss the best possible solution for its replacement. Implants will be suitable for most patients that have a healthy mouth and body. For some of the patients this may not be possible either due to their medical history, bone loss or other conditions. A bridge will be a more invasive procedure in some cases due to the fact that the teeth on either side of the gap will have to be prepared to provide support for the replacement and anchorage of the missing tooth.
Amalgam vs. White Fillings
Amalgams have been used over the years to restore teeth. In the last decade more and more new materials have been developed that are just as strong or even stronger in restoring teeth. The advantages of white or tooth coloured fillings are many over the amalgam. From a holistic point of view we do not do amalgam fillings and in many cases will recommend to have them replaced with a safe method where we use a rubber dam to prevent any amalgam from being swallowed or inhaled. Tooth coloured fillings bond to the tooth surface with the help of a bonding agent and only minimal preparation is required, thus we preserve as much of the tooth structure as possible.

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